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Shannon Guastella, Owner


Our cycling team is like no other.  We have a diverse group of high energy athletes that will take you on the ride of your life. Our instructors are versed in the challenges of outdoor riding and will help you become a stronger cyclist. You will leave a 365 Fit cycling class sweaty and exhausted!

In the meantime buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Beginners arrive at least ten minutes prior to class so the instructor can get you set up appropriately on the bike. And don’t be shy – everyone was a beginner once!

Fitness Classes
Walk in Rate – $12.00
6 Pack of Fitness Classes- $66.00
10 Pack of Fitness Classes- $100.00

Student/Military/Senior Rate $10.00 any class
$5.00 Off for each friend you bring to class


Give it a Spin!

Have you been thinking about going to your first Spin class but are a little intimidated by the bikes, the set-up, and all the positions? Totally normal! Spinning is a great way to torch major calories regardless of your fitness level!

What is it?

Spinning is the generic name given to the fitness program of Indoor Cycling. Classes are generally 45 minute to an hour, medium to high intensity classes delivered by a qualified instructor where participants are lead through the various components of an indoor cycling class. These components are the warm-up, main workout which consists of hills and flats, cool-down and finally stretching, all done with music.

A participant will experience a number of profiles which may be found in outdoor cycling such as hills, flats and even downhills. There are three variables used on the indoor cycle to create the various profiles found outdoors – these three variables are:

• Body Positioning (sitting or standing),

• Cadence ( leg speed or revolutions per minute RPM) and

• Resistance (scale of 1-10 known as Rate of Perceived Effort RPE).

RPE is considered by the American College of Sports Medicine [ACSM] as the acceptable measurement of intensity while doing exercise. 10 on the scale is maximum effort whereas 1 is little or no effort. On the bike there is a dial participants turn  to the right for more resistance and turn to the left for less resistance.

The many different combinations of theses three variables create the terrain or profiles found in outdoor cycling. Workouts include a variety of interval type time sets where short bursts of 10-90 seconds of hard work are used as well as timed sets such as 3-5 minute mini time trials.

What should you wear? 

General fitness gear can be used but it is always a good idea to invest in a pair of proper cycling shorts to assist in being comfortable in the saddle. Standard fitness tops or t-shirts can be worn although it does help to have a top which assists in keeping you cool. But a sweat towel and filled water bottle is essential when participating in an indoor cycling class.

Cycling shoes are also a great investment as your foot is placed in the best position on the pedal both for indoor and outdoor cycling otherwise sneakers are totally acceptable.

What size Bike do you use?

Indoor cycles are a ‘one size fits all’, but there is a generic set-up to assist you in obtaining a proper bike fit. The seat, height, and handlebars are all adjustable. Your instructor will help you achieve the most safe and effective position on the bike.

Hope to see you in the saddle!

Shannon Guastella

Owner 365 FIT

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